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Please note that students enrolled on a Bachelors degree in their home universities will attend classes of the first year of the Masters in Management Programme (Masters 1 level), as the Introduction year to Business and Management is open only to students without prior knowledge in Business and Management.

Before enrolling for a course please check the course description in the cataloguesensure that you have the pre-requisites and approve your choice of courses by your home university.

•It is not possible to mix programmes or years of study due to timetable clashes. 

•When choosing your courses : 
Please note that if you cannot register for a course that means that the course is full

• Students are required to choose courses from one track : English or French 

•Masters 2 students: please note that you can choose course in both catalogues
•Catalogue 1 : Masters in Management (Masters 2 level) – Core courses – French Track OR English track
•Catalogue 2: Masters in Management (Masters 2 level) & MSc’s – Specializations – French Track OR English Track



Where can I find the academic calendar?
The academic calendar is  available here

Can I mix courses from different programmes or in different languages?
When you are enrolled in a programme, you need to choose the courses exclusively from this programme.
For instance, if you are enrolled in Master in Management Level 2, you can’t choose courses from Introduction Year to Business and Management.
Regarding the language, you can’t select some courses in French and others in English. Either all of your courses are in English, or they are all in French.

Is it really impossible to choose 2 programmes?
It is not possible to mix programmes or years of study due to timetable clashes. Students will therefore have to select only one programme.

When choosing one specialisation (either in the Master in Management Level 2 for the Fall semester or in the 3rd year Bachelor Marketing and Business for the Spring semester), could I add a course from another specialisation?
No, students are required to choose courses from only one specialisation (due to timetable clashes).

Online registration process. I think some courses are missing on the online registration process, what should I do?
If you are unable to select a course that means there are no seats left.

I tried to add a new subject but all of the other courses disappeared, what should I do?
If you want to add or drop a course, you are required to register all of your courses again because the system doesn’t keep your previous registration.

I’m not sure my choices have been registered, what should I do?
You can log on to the campaign again and then check if your registration is correct. If not, you will have to do it again.

I’m an exchange student. How many credits do I need to take?
There is no minimum number of credits to take and no maximum number either. In fact, it is your responsibility to check with your home university which courses are compulsory for you and how many credits you need.


When are exams organized?
There are different types of assessments: group work during the semester, oral presentations, individual work to hand in, final exams… Final exams are organized at the end of the semester, please check the academic calendar (available soon). We ask you to book your return tickets after the last day of exams.

When are the resit exams organized?
•Bachelor level: According to Burgundy School of Business’ academic regulations, retake exams are organized at the end of the academic year (April / May)
•Master level: According to Burgundy School of Business’ academic regulations, retake exams are organized the academic year following the exchange period.

Please check with your university if you need to come back to Dijon or if you can resit an exam in your country.


Can I take some courses in the French track and one course in the English track?
No. Students are required to choose courses from one track only (due to timetable clashes): English or French.

Are there any English or French language requirements for exchange students?
Yes. We kindly require our partner universities to carefully check applicants language proficiency. Different programmes require different language levels. Contact us for more information.

Is it possible to study at Burgundy School of Business for a semester in English?
Yes. Contact us to check all the available courses taught in English at BSB..